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If you want to switch large electric currents using an electronic control and require control isolation at the same time, then this card is a valuable asset. This card is ideally suited for connection to our K6711 kits (15 channel IR receiver). For these two kits the power supply may be taken directly from the relay card. It can also be used in other applications.


  • also available with 16 relays : K6714-16


  • 8 relays included (extendible to 16)
  • the relays can be piloted directly of through open-collector outputs
  • contact : 1 x inverter: 10A / 28VDC or 125VAC, max. 5A at 230VAC
  • relay switch-over contact : max. 5A at 220V
  • output voltage : 12V / 250mA for power supply of K6711
  • power supply : 220 or 115VAC / 12VA
  • PCB dimensions : 150 x 212mm (5.9″ x 8.4″)
  • recommended housing : WCAH2507



16 relays and screw connectors included ! Power supply transformer is included. Output 12V DC can be used as a power supply for other kits: K6714, K8023,… Every output of the print can be equipped with a noise suppressor network.


  • the relays can be controlled in different ways : direct control from open-collector outputs, TTL or CMOS level
  • DIP switches are included to allow manual activation of the relays in case of maintenance work
  • 16 relay outputs
  • contact : 10A / 28VDC or 125VAC, max. 5A at 230VAC
  • power supply : 230 or 125VAC max. 12VA
  • output voltage : 12V / 250mA
  • PCB dimensions : 150 x 212mm (5.9″ x 8.4″)



Build it tonight and you’ll sleep tight!Set up a security fence for over 500 yards of continuous coverageIncludes both Audible and Visible Alert indicators!5 Amp external trigger relay for custom applications!Detector standby current draw of only 10 uA!!!For years hobbyists have been intrigued by the possibility of using a ‘beam of light’ to control other devices! The abundance of inexpensive laser elements that have now become available has further pushed the demand for useful products and experimental kits. The LTS1 Laser Trip Sensor was developed with the intention of providing a fun and educational kit that can actually be used constructively upon completion. The kit comes with all you’ll need to set up your own laser fence, the laser element (small keychain type high power laser pointer!), the PVC enclosure, and the laser detector with built in Audible and Visible Alert indicators. (And yes, you can put the laser pointer on your keychain instead, and get thrown out of concerts, no problem!)

The LTS1 can be used in a number of different ways. The break-away circuit board gives the user the flexibility of remotely mounting the detector circuit (optionally powered with a standard 9 Volt battery) over 500 yards away without the need for mirrors. If mirrors are used, arrangements in a doorway or as a perimeter fence can almost guarantee detection of any unwanted guests. For added functionality, the relay output (5 Amp rating) can be used to drive other devices such as an event counter, lights, or even camera modules!

Operates from 9 – 18 VDC @ 90 to 100 mA. Detector portion can use a standard 9V battery with long life. Board dimensions: 4″ L x 1″ W (max component height: 5/8″). Includes a 6” length of 1.25” ID PVC to conveniently house and mount the board assembly. Kit can also be adapted to use with an infrared (Non-visible) laser.

R-LLS1 Laser Light Show


  • Audio input modulates pattern!
  • Adjustable pattern and speed
  • Projects neat motorized patterns
  • Uses safe plastic mirrors

You’ve probably seen a laser show at concerts or on TV. They’re pretty impressive to say the least! Knowing that you can’t afford a professional laser display we challenged our engineers to design one that’s neat and easy to build yet inexpensive. Well, the result is the new LLS1 Laser Light Show! This thing is sweet! It utilizes two small motors and a small standard laser pointer as the basics. Then, we gave it variable pattern and speed controls to customize the pattern!

Not enough you say? How about a line level audio input to modulate the pattern with your CD’s or music? You bet! Everything is included, even the small laser pointer. And to make the kit absolutely safe, we even used plastic mirrors instead of glass that could break! Runs on 6-12 VDC or our standard 12VDC AC Adapter (not included) If you’re looking for a fun and neat little laser