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What the Valve Index means for the future of VR

Valve Index is a VR gaming headset created by Valve. It is the best in the class. Valve is also the company behind Steam.

Valve Index has similarities with HTC Vive but features an upgraded technology and enhanced specifications. The design is more gamer-focused. The key focus area for the headset is fidelity first. There is a deeper focus over audio, visuals and ergonomic design. The headset makes VR video-gaming more fun.

Valve Index headset would have two LCDs, one for each eye and a resolution of 1440×1600. Valve has claimed that these RGB LCDs have 50% more subpixels as compared to the OLED screens traditionally used. This makes the images sharper.

VR headsets are in general known to have the screen door effect to a certain extent. Index is an improvisation over the issue and enables edge to edge visuals with custom canted lenses. So when gaming, all one needs to move is one’s eyes and not one’s head.

gaming, all one needs to move is one’s eyes and not one’s head.

The refresh rate is 144 Hz, an improvement over the 90 Hz refresh rate of HTC Vive Pro. This makes gaming sessions more immersive, with lesser distortion and crisper graphics.

Index controllers are again exceedingly good and feature an all-new design. Interaction with objects in the game is more natural. One gets to grab, throw, pick up and move objects using the controllers. The actions are all the more convincing.

They got 87 sensors in there. It is not just the hand movement that they track, but the individual finger position as well. Grip and pressure are gauged. Fine-tuning makes this even more accurate. Accounts are automatically re-calibrated for each player. Similarly, hand fatigue is lower as the controllers are worn and not held.

Valve Index may be purchased as a full package. This would have the headset and controllers, along with two tracking base stations. They are backward compatible and may be bought individually, in case you already own HTC Vive.For each of the intricate matters associated with family law, Dimocks Family Lawers are your trusted aide.


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